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Leather Library

At Northumbrian Leather our Leather library extends to over 700 colours and finishes, in all types of hide.

About fifteen years ago Connolly Leather developed the Monza brown hide that marks easily at the request of Alfa. Since then this style of hide has proved very popular with veteran and vintage car restorers.

Here at Northumbrian Leather we stock over 30 different colours of this type of hide, so if you like the old suitcase lived in look, then this is the one for you!

Re-Lacquering Service

Whether we receive just the seats or the complete car our restoration department will first clean the leather back to its original colour, then prepare the surface with activators, applying the first coat by hand and the subsequent two or three coats by spray gun. When we are happy with the finish it will then be sealed with satin lacquer "without that just painted look"

Twenty-four hours later the surfaces are then fed with hide food to maintain suppleness. This treatment will slow deterioration but it cannot be prevented. Achieving identical colours can be complicated because until 1970 bright colours such as red's used on MKII jag's and Aston DB5' were achieved with the now frowned upon nitro-cellulose finishes. Here at Northumbrian Leather we can now reach the same rich colours using water-based finishes "to a certain extent we are re-learning the old techniques".


All our carpets are trimmed in matching or contrasting leather and 10mm of soundproof felt is then bonded to the underside.

Passenger and driver heel mats are stitched into place at no extra cost. This is either leather or rubber.

Quoting and Booking

Upon acceptance of our quote and the following receipt of a booking deposit, usually 1/3 your vehicle will be incorporated into our planning schedule and a starting and proposed completion date will be provided.